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FUSIO For Patients

FUSIO is a fusion technique that your surgeon may choose to provide spinal stability and pain relief for your back. FUSIO can be used as a stand-alone procedure or as an adjunct to other spine procedures. Only your surgeon can determine whether FUSIO is right for you.

What is Fusio?

The FUSIO system is made up of precision machined donor bone dowels and the instrumentation used to implant them into your facet joint. By using a proprietary implant technique, your surgeon is able to prevent migration of the dowel.

How does FUSIO work?

Spinal stability and pain relief are achieved by inserting the precision bone dowels between the two opposing surfaces that make up the facet joint. The bone dowels will separate the joint which prevents painful motion and further deterioration. The proprietary instruments designed for FUSIO create a custom void for the bone dowels and prevent them from moving...this creates an excellent environment for healing.

What are the benefits?

FUSIO is designed as a minimally destructive product that does not prevent future procedures if needed.

  • Potential pain relief and spinal stability
  • Reduced hospital stay
  • Fast recovery and rehabilitation time
  • Reduced bone damage
  • Less blood loss
  • Does not prevent other options
What will my recovery be like ?

FUSIO usually does not require an extensive hospital stay. A back brace may be recommended during the healing process. Your surgeon is your best resource to discuss both your recovery and your post-surgical plan.